Advance Care Directives

Advance Care Directives

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Advance Care Directive by Dr Jerome Mellor updated Nov 2008

ACD Patient User Guide

Substitute Decision Making This information sheet shows how families can be helped to make medical decisions for close relatives who are in nursing homes with dementia or vegetative-like states, sometimes known as substitute decision making. It follows the Decision Tree:

Family Decision Tree

Examples of substitute decision making


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Advance Health Care Directive by Prof Colleen Cartwright

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My Health, My Future, My Choice Produced by not for profit organisation: you have to buy this one

Other ACDs you may want to look at:

Alzheimers Australia

The Guardianship Tribunal

Appointing an Enduring Guardian

Benevolent Society

Using ACD and Guidelines for end-of-life care (both NSW Health 2005)

Palliatice care australia

Powerpoint Presentations: ACD Legal Framework by Prof Colleen Cartwright

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