GP Care plans and Team Care plans

This is 30 min time with your nurse and further 15 min with your GP, bulk billed, and can be renewed every year. You will see your GP every 3 months for a review of the plan to assess the progress and amend the goals if needed.

Team Care plans are available when a specialist needs to be involved. This will enable access to 5 sessions a year with allied health, that will attract a medicare rebate for each of the 5 sessions. We will work as a team, to improve your health. Team Care Plans are bulk billed, and reviewed every 3 months.

Health Assessment

Prevention is always better than cure. At Moon Street we offer a full health assessment, usually done by one of our highly trained nurses.

  • In-depth personal and family medical history

  • Skin check

  • ECG heart tracing

  • Lung function test

  • Ankle brachial test

  • Blood test

  • Radiological test
  • Pap smear test

  • Pregnancy care, antenatal and postnatal

  • Menopause and Perimenopause care

  • Asthma assessment and action plans

After Hours Arrangements

House calls are provided in-hours and after hours for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery.

For very urgent medical problems a doctor is on call at Ballina Hospital at all times.

After hours Calls to Moon Street are are automatically diverted to the Doctor on call.

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